The wonderful world of Skips.

That might seem like a strange title as it’s surely not possible for there to be a wonderful world where skips are concerned. Having said that it might be that it’s more of a wonderful world because of skips. Where would we be without them. There they sit these waste warriors. There is something quite special about them. Almost majestic in their quality and their capacity. If you need one, then and are searching Skip Hire Swansea a quick trip will help you. Now, allow me to continue to wax lyrical about the magical quality a skip brings.

I’m being serious. Where do you think the word skip comes from? I shall tell you, its name is rooted in the midst of our language dating back to its old Norse origins. It is derived from the word ‘skeppa’ meaning basket. It’s certainly true to say that after a visit from the Vikings the locals would certainly need a large ‘skeppa’ to tidy up after the utter mess and devastation. So, when you make that call to a firm for one you are saying a word that echoes back through the eons of time.

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When I see a skip, I think of the possibilities it is going to bring. What will it be filled with? Will it be garden waste and if that’s the case what are the people planning to do with the garden afterwards? Is there some Capability Brown inspired design going in there or maybe a formal garden one with topiaries? What new worlds borne out of children’s play will be created in that garden now all the old rubbish is gone, and the space has been reclaimed. Perhaps the empty waste vessels are ready to receive the building detritus of a project that will give a family more space for a playroom or nursery for a forthcoming child. Maybe it’s a place for an elderly relative to come and live and feel part of the family again.

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My point is that without the humble skip none of this going to happen or at the very least there is going to be a huge pile of rubbish outside the house for weeks as you run it down and slowly ferry it out to the recycling centre. Without that trapezoid shaped receptacle any projects are going to be needed to be rethought very carefully. The exquisite excitement as the level fill line is dangerously flirted with as well. Do you dare exceed the line? Will the skip hire company notice and charge you more? One hirer decided that this was simply not a set of rules that applied to them and made the monumental decision to stick and entire caravan in one. It has to be seen to be believed. The Vikings would have applauded.

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