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10 Home Remedies for Insect Bites

Meet 10 home remedies for insect bites you can do right now in your home.

Remedies against Insect Bites

No need to go to the pharmacy or resorting to extravagant measures at home you have the best home remedies for insect bites, and perhaps did not even know !

Home RemediesIt is that when we are out doors, no product or blocker that achieves definitely stop the insects in their search for food or in its defense. So, we ended the day with hives, rashes, swelling and much discomfort due to their bites. But you can relieve discomfort with these home remedies.

Whenever there were stingers still in your body, just apply a little honey in the area and let stand, covered with tissue paper if you prefer not to soil your clothes.

2. Do you have bananas in your house ? As you approvals to relieve insect bites. Rub the inside of the banana peel on the affected area, to end the discomfort and heal injuries almost instantly.

3. The lemon is the star of any kitchen, and is one of the most natural and effective home remedies against bites . Not only disinfects and soothes the injured area, but also works as a repellent to prevent future attacks. Just gently rub the skin with juice, and enjoy its healing fragrance.

4. If you have baking soda (and we all have it, it is almost miraculous for cleaning, disinfection and lots more), take advantage as a home remedy. Mix with very little water to make a paste and apply on the bite . Prevents infection and relieves discomfort, pain and itching almost immediately.

5. Never miss in any home the Aloe Vera or Aloe. This almost miraculous plant is able to relieve insect bites almost immediately, by simply applying a little of your gel (which is inside the leaves) on the affected area. Reduces inflammation, relieves pain and itching, and helps regenerate skin.

6. The basil is a delicious meal for grass, and also an ingredient handy to relieve stings . Cools the area, prevents infection and also leave you with a delicious aroma.

7. The mint is another great ally for this purpose. You can shred your clean sheets or using their oil (homemade or purchased), applied directly to the affected area to relieve pain and eliminate any microbes skin.

8. You’ve been bitten by an insect and do not know what to do, but you need it fast? Leverages a teabag , especially strong black tea. Just moisten and let about 2-3 minutes in the freezer. Then apply it on the bite to relieve pain, itching and reduce inflammation.

9. The mouthwash with alcohol is great for polishing teeth and freshen breath, but also to relieve stings . It contains menthol helps reduce pain and itching, removing them almost immediately.

10. The toothpaste (or toothpaste) also has menthol, refreshing and soothes the skin, and also adds its antimicrobial and disinfectant properties, preventing infections.

With these home remedies for insect bites no longer be discomfort or pain when you’re enjoying the garden or terrace, tenlas into account!

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