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Windows 10

Preparing the computer to install Windows 10

If you are planning to upgrade your operating system, here we show you how to prepare your computer to install Windows 10. Steps to upgrade your computer to Windows 10 The major update of the operating system from Microsoft is available for free to all PC World, however, before making the big move should prepare your computer to install Windows 10.

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How to Make Digital Music From Your Computer

These days, you don’t necessarily need musicians – or even instruments – to create a hit. All you need is a computer, some great beats, and some creativity. However, many people sit down to create music on their computers and aren’t sure where to start. The truth is that there are many ways to make music online. You can create a digital symphony by using your own sounds and beats. You can even create an album with your own voice by plugging the vocal track…

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9 Signs That Our Computer are Infected by Adware and Spyware

Often, there’s no warning of adware and spyware infection. These malicious codes could be silently installed on our system. However, we should be able to spot a number of telltale signs: 1. WEB BROWSER CHANGES Often, the most obvious change is that the landing page of our web browser has changed. This should indicate that a program have performed unauthorized changes to our computer. Very often, the page shown has a search-engine like layout, but when we perform searches on it, they are filled with…

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