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How to make homemade mayonnaise with egg white

In the World Egg Day we can make a small tribute to this essential product of our diet recalling some preparations which plays an essential role. Mayonnaise or mayonnaise sauce is one of the basic kitchen in which intervenes, although it is true that we can prepare vegan versions. The fact is that caught my attention the idea of preparing homemade mayonnaise with egg whites only, and obviously had to try.

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Home Improvements

How to make a home for Mosquito Repellent

To prepare homemade natural repellents against mosquitoes and prevent diseases that can spread dengue and recipes. Mosquito repellents type of home Many insects can transmit to us if we bite diseases such as Aedes aegypti mosquito that transmits the dengue. There are several trademarks of effective mosquito repellents, most containing permethrin or DEET in different percentages. By being both toxic and penetrate into the bloodstream, it is recommended not to abuse them, especially in children.

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How to make a cake with Name

Learn how to make a cake with name included, to honor the birthday boy or leave special messages, it’s easy! How to make a cake with Name Inside Did you think about making a pie named within, so that each slice leave sight ? Because today we do teach very easily, using the favorite colors that best entertained or go with the theme of your event. You can write names, words of love and peace, and also achieve very striking colors and even different figures.

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How to make a delicious Natural Yogurt

This guide will teach you to make homemade and natural yogurt with a few ingredients. Recipe for making yogurt and homemade Yogurt is a living being; are millions of bacteria that form into the milk and give that delicious texture and flavor. So to make this divine elixir, what is needed is to cultivate these bacteria to be played again and again. This guide will teach you to make yogurt in a simple and natural way.

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How to Make Carrot Cake

Notes this recipe for quick and easy cake carrots, with some tips that will make everyone stay with open mouth Recipe for Carrot Cake Maybe you think you make carrot cake will leave you with too moist, bland cake, just for dieters almost permanently. But there is nothing further from reality: with this sensational recipe you can make a cake with all the flavor, and that will make everyone ask you to share your secrets.

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How to Make Coconut Oil

Learn how to make oil-natural homemade coconut, for use in your meals and beauty treatments. How to Make Homemade Coconut Oil The chemicals, preservatives and artificial agents are present in almost all oil products found in the market. That’s why I teach here make homemade coconut oil, easy and using fresh fruit, so make sure you get a completely natural product, free of artificial aggregates and industrialization processes that kill all its enormous nutritional power. Let us work!

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How to Make Homemade Pizza Like the Pros

Even if you’ve been inclined to make your own pizzas at home in the past, you’ve probably been disappointed that they never turn out like the professional pies you’re served at pizzerias. And we’re not even talking about popping a pre-made, frozen pizza in the oven – we’re talking about making your own dough from scratch and personalizing your pizzas with homemade sauce and fresh ingredients for toppings. Even with all that in your favor, you still might not be able to figure out what…

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