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addictive foods

The 7 most addictive foods types

The addiction to food, especially if it is “junk” or processed food, can cause serious health problems. Here are the most addictive foods types. Eating is a pleasure, both for the body and for the mind. When we do not feed, a whole series of cerebral chemical reactions related to pleasure and reward systems are triggered; hence, in some occasions, certain foods or meals can lead to an addiction.

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healthy eating

Tips for healthy eating

To lead a healthy life and a healthy diet is very important. The basis is usually to include few fats and increase the consumption of fruits, vegetables, and fiber, in addition to leading a physically active life, we can perform light sports such as walking with New Balance sneakers, swimming or even mountaineering. But, apart from all this, we must also take into account the habits and the way in which they eat food, there are unhealthy habits that conspire against the success of a…

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blood glucose levels

These are the foods that help you control your blood glucose levels

If you have diabetes or have detected an insulin resistance, glycemic control or blood sugar levels is key to slow the progression of the disease and prevent complications of diabetes. To achieve this, a good diet is of great importance and therefore. We show you the foods that help you control your blood glucose levels.

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most dangerous cities

The most dangerous cities and countries in the world

Surely, if we ask you what would you say are the most dangerous cities and countries in the world that you would travel to, you would think of regions like North Korea or Iraq (but there are many more). Do you want to know which are the 12 most insecure localities on the planet that, possibly, you did not know were destinations not recommended for tourists? Attentive to this ranking.

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6 infallible tricks to save on the purchase of the super

Spending … it’s going to end! We propose 6 ideas to save on the purchase and take care of the domestic economy. It is proven: it all happens to us. We left home for the supermarket and return with products that we did not even have in mind, not to mention the economic waste that this entails since most of the time there are totally dispensable passenger cravings.

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