What to do if you are having a heart attack and you are alone

Discover what you should do if you are having a heart attack and you are alone, how should you act to protect your life?

Did you know that in Spain the main cause of death is chest infarction? The heart attack is more common than you think and we should be informed about what the symptoms are and how we should act if we suddenly have one.

How do I know if I am going to have a heart attack?

There are some symptoms that are universal and that help us recognize when we are in imminent danger, however, we can have others less known and not give importance until it is too late. What are we talking about?

– Pain in the chest intense and sudden, more or less in the central area, between the ribs. It is a feeling of heaviness, tension, squeeze … Some people also notice the feeling of great fullness and sometimes it is confused with heartburn. This pain usually stays constant for a few minutes or also appear intermittently. The pain tends to move from the center to the shoulders, neck, and arms.

Heart attacks can happen to anyone

having a heart attack
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– Difficulty breathing, notes that oxygen does not reach you.

-Freely cold and tremors.

-Mariners, nausea and general weakness.

– Rapid and irregular heart rhythm.

-Anxiety or exaltation.

In the case of women, the symptoms can vary and present some that are less common, such as jaw pain, nausea and stomach fullness, weakness and difficulty sleeping. More than 75% of women have had any of these symptoms in the month before the heart attack.

On the other hand, if you experience any of these symptoms for 5 minutes or more you should be alert and try to get help as soon as possible. Never take away from your symptoms IMPORTANT, some may present a mild but stay for a long time (1 or 2 hours even), so many ignore or let go of the symptoms until the heart attack is imminent and little can be done. It is vital that you start looking for help within the first hour after the first symptoms after that time, your heart could suffer irreparable damage. Heart attacks can happen to anyone, they do not always have to be associated with age, obesity or coronary heart disease. Stress, fear, and excessive anxiety can also trigger heart attacks.

1- Call emergency

having a heart attack

It can fall out of the box that the first thing you should do is call emergency and give your address, however when you are having a heart attack the anguish of the moment can make it difficult for you to react. Even if you live in an isolated area and you are going to take a long time to get the help you should always call, the telemarketer will give you instructions about what you have to do while the help arrives in order to reduce the damage as much as possible. Never waste your time calling a neighbor, friend or relative because the first reaction they will have is to call the emergency department, which you can go directly to save time (if you have time to call a family member, you also have it to call the emergency department).

2- Take an aspirin

having a heart attack

One of the effects of aspirin is that for the formation of platelets, therefore the formation of blood clots, responsible for the formation of arterial thrombi that could be responsible for the infarction, slows down. To do this, take an aspirin that DOES NOT HAVE a coating and chew it before swallowing so that it dissolves before and is captured by the bloodstream through the stomach walls if they were coated the action will be slower and will not be as effective. This measure is useful if it is done in the first half hour after noticing the first symptoms, however, do not believe that it is the philosopher’s stone that will save you, calling emergencies comes first. Also, if you are taking medication that is not compatible with aspirin you should never do so.

3- Do not try to go to the hospital on your own

Call the emergency room and stay at the site, do not waste your time looking for someone to take you or ask for a taxi. Also, do not try to drive on your own to the hospital, the main reason is that you could love and faint while driving. Not only do you put yourself in danger but also other drivers. The only option that you could try to go out to find help on your own is because you have exhausted all other options and it is the only way to get attention, for example, that you do not have a phone at hand.

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4-Try to stay calm

It seems easy to say that you must remain calm if you are having a heart attack but it is almost impossible to put it into practice. You must make an effort and wait as quiet as possible to come for you. Enter panic or move too only make things worse. One way to not get even more nervous is to count slowly (one-thousand, two-thousand, three-thousand …).

It seems easy to say that you must stay calm if you are having a heart attack but it is almost impossible to put it into practice

It seems easy to say that you must stay calm if you are having a heart attack but it is almost impossible to put it into practice

5-Lie down with your legs up

having a heart attack

Try lying on a straight surface with your legs up in a cool and ventilated place (next to an open window or a fan), this way the diaphragm will open and it will be easier to get oxygen. Find a comfortable position by putting your feet on a cushion or on a low chair. Then, take slow and deep breaths, by keeping the blood in the lungs longer we will provide more oxygen to our body and heart.

6-Never try to do a CPR

having a heart attack

Some time ago, the urban legend appeared that coughing in a specific way could make you CPR yourself and survive a heart attack. Never do it, it does not work and you will only worsen the symptoms because with it you will be accelerating the heart rate and preventing oxygen from being distributed in your body. This maneuver should be done in case of cardiac arrest, when one is about to lose consciousness but not when he is having an attack.

Finally, once you have taken the necessary measures you can tell someone you trust while the emergency services come to accompany you during the process, but only when you have made sure that you will receive treatment and not before.

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