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minimalist phones

5 minimalist phones that will help you with your addiction to smartphones

Metro presents the best minimalist phones that can be found to stop spending so much time ‘stuck’ to your smartphone In the era of mobile internet, most people want to have a smartphone with the best features. However, some want a device that only allows calls and send text messages. Metro presents the best minimalist phones that can be found.

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addictive foods

The 7 most addictive foods types

The addiction to food, especially if it is “junk” or processed food, can cause serious health problems. Here are the most addictive foods types. Eating is a pleasure, both for the body and for the mind. When we do not feed, a whole series of cerebral chemical reactions related to pleasure and reward systems are triggered; hence, in some occasions, certain foods or meals can lead to an addiction.

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healthy eating

Tips for healthy eating

To lead a healthy life and a healthy diet is very important. The basis is usually to include few fats and increase the consumption of fruits, vegetables, and fiber, in addition to leading a physically active life, we can perform light sports such as walking with New Balance sneakers, swimming or even mountaineering. But, apart from all this, we must also take into account the habits and the way in which they eat food, there are unhealthy habits that conspire against the success of a…

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The first Valentine's Day to be married!

The first Valentine’s Day to be married!

The first Valentine’s Day to be married! There is no doubt: the first Valentine’s Day married deserves to be celebrated to the fullest. Perhaps you will remember those deeply romantic feelings you felt on the day when you wore the wedding dress, or you will retrace some moments in which you have exchanged those wedding phrases in front of all your guests. Valentine’s Day remains one of the favorite holidays for lovers and many of you may, on this day, officially spend it as a…

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smart watch for kids

The 10 best smart watch for kids

The smallest of the house can also enjoy their own smart watch for kids like the ones we offer in the following list. Here you will have the opportunity to get the children’s smartwatches of the moment, with all kinds of games and activities and even GPS trackers for parents. If you want to see what we have selected, you just have to keep reading.

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mindfulness exercises for anxiety

5 mindfulness exercises for anxiety

There are many mindfulness exercises for anxiety, but in this article, we have selected five of them, which will be very useful for managing anxiety. Put them into practice! The mindfulness can understand as “mindfulness” or “full consciousness”. We could define it as the ability of the human being to be in the present and to “remind us” of being in the present. That is, the ability to return to the “here and now” when our mind has traveled to the past or the future.…

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Properties and benefits of cherries

Lose weight with cherries: not only is it possible. But it is also a very healthy solution, considering all the benefits that this fruit brings, and it is really simple. Just a few, 25-30, a day, fasting and with a certain continuity. And the diet is done. At the same time, thanks to the cherries. You have purified the blood, drained the liver. And improved the functionality of your joints. Here are the benefits of cherries.

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