Keeping yourself warm over winter

As the winter months start properly with January, the temperature groups a bit, and it’s time to wrap up warm. However, with rising fuel costs, the need to turn off the central heating or limit the use of Gas and Electric fire is becoming very important. So what can you do to reduce the natural resources needed to keep warm? Here are a few ideas. It’s a subject that even the residents of Park Homes Gloucestershire way will be thinking about. Downsizing in retirement is an excellent way to do that, and a Park Home Life is perfect.

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Firstly, it’s a good idea to look at the Danish concept of Hygge. Hygge is the art of feeling warm and comfortable. It involves lots of blankets and a sofa with a good book, film or music. Warm fleece blankets are relatively inexpensive and can be large enough to cover you all.

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Layering is the best way forward if you are out and about. That means jumpers, hoodies and coats. However, the essential part of the look is the T-Shirt base layer. The way to layer is to work up from the base layer. Our weather in the UK is not prone to cold extremes; you need to remove clothes so that you don’t overheat. It’s more likely to be windy. The wind can prove to be hard with its chill factor, so a hood is a vital part of layering to keep you warm.

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