6 basic tips for decorating style Millennial

Millennials here and there, we hear about them in many contexts and maybe some of you reading this even you are part of them. Therefore it knows that this is not a fad, no, rather it is a concept that represents a whole generation of people born in the decades of the 80s and 90s and, among other things, spent his childhood without any material lack, but it has had to face the problem of job insecurity.

6-basic-tips-for-decorating-style-millennialThe millennials are restless, enterprising, practical and with a great capacity for teamwork that have adapted to the time they have to live and in relation to all that have created a minimalist decorative tendency practice and based on low cost. Decorative now it gives us some clues to adapt our home to this decorative style, focusing on functionality and on the premise that very little can live large.

  • We started by not pictures. Users of this decorative style detest the pictures on the walls and prefer alternatives as varied. One of them is to opt for wall decals that can be even replace the headboard. Another option is to decorate the bottom of the room with a coating of wall and decorate one wall with a simple printed pages with motivational phrases, as in the first picture of this article.
  • We are sticking with the other to sustainable transport. The sustainable mode of transport par excellence is the bicycle can be parked in the hallway, in the office or in the dining room, and can even serve as a decorative object, but from now have to look for it a place at home.
  • They win the open spaces. The Millennial style does not respect the old and rigid guidelines that they required a stay for each activity, everything can now share space. For example, the kitchen is the heart of the millennials houses. Open to the living area where work together and share experiences, kitchens are the best. Spaces without limits, no lockers, no doors, full of light and unadorned than a natural plant.
  • Common in the millennials is having to work from home . The home becomes so in office and therefore it is necessary to have a comfortable and spacious area in which to develop working ideas. The office may have some wink child deco, as the image on these lines, which has one of the walls decorated with wallpaper young comic style.
  • Something important to note is that the Millennial generation has been born and raised in the age of Internet, so their homes must be fully connected and adapted to new technologies.
  • Do not miss the couch for visitors, when you have studied abroad and have traveled extensively around the world, you know that if you cannot have guest room, you need a sofa or a sofa bed to receive and provide accommodation for friends who are passing through their city and coming from anywhere on the planet.

Although you will not be millenial maybe you can inspire in some of his ideas, we must recognize that most are very good!

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