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Facts About Guinness

Guinness is an original Irish dark beer, which was first produced in the brewery of Arthur Guinness in St. James’s Gate, Dublin, in 1729. It is one of those few alcoholic beverages in the world that have been produced for such a long time period. Guinness has been sold in more than 120 countries, and sales last year totalled more than 850 million litres. Image credit The beer that Guinness is made from is actually Irish cream ale. It was actually first known as ‘James’s…

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The benefits of having a keynote speaker

Adding credibility to your mission Your employees might be getting tired of hearing a message from you so having another respected voice giving the same message can have a greater impact. Even if your employees look like they are doing great, a keynote speaker with a story that ties into your message can get involved and improve your workforce morale. Image credit Increase attendance A keynote speaker offers your employees something they have not experienced yet while working at your company. When you give your…

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The importance of audit trails and property inspections

Image Credit Consequently, the British Landlords Association (BLA) has issued guidance on Coronavirus and how it impacts on landlords’ obligations recommending legal guidance and the UK Government’s own advice. Realistically, landlords should decide whether a scheduled visit can be delayed, and remain in contact with their tenants to ensure that no emergency has arisen. The advice from the BLA is that only emergency or urgent repairs should be considered, and even then, recommended hygiene guidance should be followed and any direct contact with the occupier…

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Could you be a carer?

Have you had enough of your current job? Maybe you have recently taken a work personality test and realize that you are not in the right job for your personality? If the new year feels like a year for a career change and you have a caring personality, you might consider moving into the care sector. People who love their jobs are not just lucky but have chosen a career that suits their personality. image credit Do you have a caring personality? Some of us…

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The Top Things to Do in Dublin

With oodles to explore at your fingertips in Dublin’s city centre, and so much more just a short tram or train ride away, here’s a look at some of the top picks that should be on your itinerary for an unforgettable experience. Image Credit Trinity College With a convenient central location, Ireland’s oldest and most prestigious university is worth seeing for yourself. In addition to beautiful architecture and cobblestone squares, Trinity College is also home to the world famous Book of Kells, an ancient ninth-century…

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