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How to optimise your office’s social spaces

Social spaces were once the least significant and overlooked part of an office. But these days they are the beating heart of a successful modern workplace. With staff wellbeing at the forefront of business activity, providing a space that can improve wellbeing is vitally important. Not only are these spaces where coworkers can let off steam and relax, but they can also be used for informal meetings, brainstorming and work-related chats. We take a look at how you can make the most of these spaces.

offices social spaces

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Home comforts

The best social spaces in an office offer comfort. We’re not suggesting a duvet in front of the TV-type of affair! But simply something that is markedly different to a desk experience. As well as comfortable furniture this also means soft lighting, carpets and even artwork. The official name for this concept is ‘Resimercial Design’. Office fit out companies are adapting to this trend by making many more options available.

Facilities for meetings

Social spaces aren’t just there so that workers can have tea and coffee together. These versatile places are where the ideas happen. Meetings, especially creative ones, are increasingly taking place in these sorts of spaces, so make sure there are useful tools available such as whiteboards, paper, chalkboards and even touch screens monitors.

offices social spaces

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Make the space versatile

Using modular furniture such as sofas which can be reorganised into different shapes and sizes is ideal. Some modular office furniture allows you to make sofas into chairs and chairs into tables. The more versatile the space, the more benefits it will bring to your office. Expert office fit out companies such as Mobius at work are one of the leading office fit out companies in the UK will be able to help you every step of the way when it comes to creating versatile spaces.

Tea/coffee making facilities

It really is important that the social space contains, or is close to, tea, coffee and water facilities. A small fridge is helpful too. The facilities for making drinks can lie at the heart of a number of social spaces so it can be accessed by groups or individuals at any time.

Creating a comfortable, versatile and practical social space can improve productivity and wellbeing. Investing in this space and making the most of it will have an ongoing positive impact.

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