lose weight effortlessly

Ten tricks to lose weight effortlessly in 2018

The bikini operation is already here and many try to lose weight: we help you with these tips

The bikini operation is here. Many want to lose weight and some search the internet for miracle diets but the truth is that it is better to eat well than to eat little. In addition to doing a little exercise (and, if you want, follow a diet that also has good ones) there are other tricks that you can put into practice in your day to day and that can help you get rid of those extra kilos without much effort and without damaging your health.

Go up the stairs, avoid the elevatorlose weight effortlessly

It does not matter if you live in a first or a fifth. If you climb the stairs daily and avoid the elevator you will gain in health and quality of life and you will lose weight. The first day will cost more but as you get used to it you will start to find each day better.

Leave the car away from the officelose weight effortlessly

Do you have a parking space in the office? Do you leave the car and sit in front of the computer? Well, start changing those habits. Walking is one of the best exercises you can practice but it is clear that if you do not force yourself, you will never do it. Leaving the car a little further away from work gives you an excuse to walk a bit (even if you have to get up early for a few more minutes). The world health organization ensures that 15,000 steps must be walked every day. In many occasions in our daily life, we do not even reach 5,000 and that generates stress and worsens health.

Use a bracelet that tells the stepslose weight effortlessly

You can use a bracelet or simply an application on your mobile phone. Any mechanism is worth it. The fact is that you start to “challenge” yourself. Take it as a game and challenge your resistance trying to get to the 15,000 steps recommended by the experts every day. Continue reading- Have you signed up for spinning? All you need to know before you start

Use the fruit as a snacklose weight effortlessly

Many of the worst meals we make every day (the ones that get fatter) are the typical “between meals”. Therefore it is advisable to avoid mid-morning or mid-afternoon eat sweets or industrial pastries. Take a banana, a tangerine or an apple with you. If you do so, you will fulfil two objectives: you will have a healthier snack and you will eat the five pieces of fruit recommended for each day.

Dinner soonlose weight effortlessly

The calories of the night are the least you burn. After dinner, you do not exercise so it is advisable to have dinner before going to bed and choose a light dish. Nor is it good to drink alcohol. The famous “empty calories” of gin or rum will prevent you from losing weight and reaching the bikini operation in time.

Sleep morelose weight effortlessly

Try to go to bed earlier. Sleeping and being rested is essential for exercising during the day: if you do not rest, you will be lazier and will not feel like walking or climbing stairs. Do you know what are the best sleeping positions? Here we tell you

Eliminate sweet breakfast (and eat real food)lose weight effortlessly

What if you eat fruit or cheese? Eliminating ultra-processed products can help you lose weight. Do you know what real food is? Here we explain it to you. Nutritionists say that eating “real food” means that you are not hungry in the middle of the morning or mid-afternoon, so you avoid breakfast buns and mid-morning buns. The advice is also valid for breakfast and children’s snack.

Waiver of sugar

If you remove the sugar from the coffee you will know a little less sweet but you can get used to it. The studies of the nutritionists denounce more and more the great amount of sugar that we eat in our day today. If you give up the two spoonfuls that you put on coffee, for example, it’s something you’re subtracting to achieve your goal of losing weight in the bikini operation.

Use the bike for short tripslose weight effortlessly

On short trips the bicycle can be a perfect ally: it does not pollute, does not waste and can be parked anywhere. What if you try to drive it?

Kitchen at homelose weight effortlessly

It is studied that if you cook at home you eat less meat and fat. Take food from home to the office and avoid eating at fast food restaurants. Take aim, for example, eating only once a month at a hamburger stand.

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