How to pick the best outdoor duffel bag

Are you planning to embark on an adventure? If so, you will need to pick a strong duffel bag for your travels. Whether you are swimming, climbing or hiking, a duffel bag will fulfil your needs.

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There are many duffel bags around. One of the most popular is the Vanquest Skycap 46 duffel backpack, but which should you choose? Here are the things to consider.


Think about what you need to carry with you when you buy your duffel bag. Climbers will often have more equipment, but a 70- to 120-litre bag should be sufficient. If you are not going to be taking a lot of equipment, a 70-litre bag will be easy to carry.

Easy access

Will you need to access certain items? Some duffel bags will have compartments on the sides for you to store your passport, money and other things you might need to reach. Make sure the pockets are designed well, as some are difficult to access. You should also opt for a D-shape zipper rather than a vertical one.

Bag length

If you have long items, you will need to find a bag to accommodate them. Always measure carefully before purchasing.

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Wheeled or traditional duffel bags?

Duffel bags with wheels enable you to move them in the right environments; however, they don’t work well on rough terrain, so some travellers will find them harder to use than traditional models. They can also be a few pounds heavier, which means you will be able to pack fewer items. This is due to weight restrictions, which can differ between airlines.

Traditional duffel bags are not ideal for smaller people, but they can be transported across uneven terrain. Another benefit is that you will be able to make the most of the bag, as it has no extra weight. Do some research online to decide which is right for you. Most companies sell a variety of models, such as the VANQUEST SKYCAP 46 Duffel Backpack.


If you are looking for a water-resistant bag, polyurethane is the best material – it is strong and won’t cause any leakage. Ballistic nylon is also a good choice but is not water resistant. You also need to consider how well the bag will fare in different weather conditions.

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