Weather Proof Your Roof This Winter

The winter is a time that we all feel a little worse – the cold the darker days, the lack of outdoor activities and fun. As well as us, your home can also suffer the effects of the winter – in particular the roof. Although it is a part of the home that we don’t really give that much thought to, it is vitally important and never more so than in the winter months as it keeps us warm and dry. Checking your roof in the winter is important – here are the winter weather conditions that can cause problems…

Rain – Rain is something that can be problematic all year round but in the winter in particular it is something to look out for. We usually experience periods of heavy rainfall and even flooding in the winter which, if a roof is already in need of repair can lead to leaks in the roof which can cause damp indoors and damage the electrics – roof sealant like this is a good thing to have in just in case this happens during rainy weather.

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Wind – High winds are another wintery problem and if you have trees nearby beware – keep an eye out for any signs of them being blown down as they could land on the roof of your home. It is also possible that high winds could dislodge tiles from the roof.

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Ice and Snow – Ice and snow are a treat for sledgers and people who want to build snowmen but not so much for the roof! The expanding ice can cause problems for the roof, working its way into cracks and making them bigger.

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