drink water during meals

Is it good to drink water during meals?

The question of whether it is good or bad to drink water during meals seems a dilemma that goes back to time immemorial. Today we clear the myths about your consumption and solve your doubts about it. Some people say that drinking water during meals fattens and promotes fluid retention. Others say it is a positive practice that contributes to weight loss. And weight loss, while others argue that it can negatively affect digestion, slowing down the process. What is true in all this? Is it good or bad to consume water while having breakfast, eating or dinner? We share is it good to drink water during meals? Keep reading- The best drinks to lose weight

How much water should you drink per day?drink water during meals

In the first place, water lacks calories, so when it is taken to a greater or lesser extent during meals it is impossible to get fat. On the other hand, water does not lose weight in itself or burn fat. But its satiating potential contributes to a better caloric intake. To better control of hunger and to slow down the speed in which we eat. In fact, a study by the American Chemical Society of Boston said that people who drink two glasses of water before eating consumed between 75 and 90% fewer calories. A practice that also leads to enjoy more food and maintain a sustainable diet.

Water … source of advantages for digestion!drink water during meals

Actually, water does not contribute to retaining liquids -as they do alcohol, salt or refined sugar. In fact, water intake stimulates kidney function and causes food to move better through your digestive tract, relieving and preventing intestinal problems such as constipation or abdominal swelling. In addition, consuming an amount over two liters of water per day improves your mood, moisturizes your hair and skin and gives you energy. Any case, some people with the sensitive digestive system should avoid drinking too cold water during the meal. As it can weaken and appease stomach acids, lengthening the process of digestion. In general, the idea is to drink especially before the meal, although it is also ideal to do it during and after. As well as throughout the day. It is advisable that it be “weather water” and be at room temperature, instead of ice or fresh from the refrigerator. Soft drinks and industrial juices are not recommended in any case. Throughout the day, eight glasses are recommended at least outside the three main meals. Without allowing more than half an hour without drinking, especially during the summer period. You may like this- “http://depressiontrouble.com/what-to-eat-after-gym/”

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