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Windows 10

Preparing the computer to install Windows 10

If you are planning to upgrade your operating system, here we show you how to prepare your computer to install Windows 10. Steps to upgrade your computer to Windows 10 The major update of the operating system from Microsoft is available for free to all PC World, however, before making the big move should prepare your computer to install Windows 10.

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Preparing the different points of Syrup

Ignoring the different parts of the syrup can lead to failure of a recipe, but knowing that you make sure everyone is that everything goes perfectly. Learn to distinguish in this note. Basic recipe for syrup If we make syrup, unless the prescription is written for us other quantities, we must calculate one part water by two of sugar. These ingredients are mixed in a pot and brought the fire; You can stir every so often, but when it begins to boil, stirring must, as…

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