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stress of the work

The best massages to end the stress of the work

Thai, Balinese, with lavender pindas, with bamboo canes. Put yourself in the best hands. There is still time for the summer holidays that you expect as water of May (well, more water, no, please) but your time of disconnection has not knocked on your door at all. In the meantime, in order not to get dusty by the month of July, you should take a breath and remedy now.

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brain to be happier

7 neurobiological advice that will help you brain to be happier

There are many actions that, despite their simplicity, have a great effect on our body. Here are 8 neurobiological advice to help you be happy with a holistic perspective. How is this possible? Very easy, through your brain.  Yes, given the actions that may favor it, we will encourage positive changes in the body.

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