Some tips for a healthy life

Some tips for a healthy life. Do you want to change your life, do you want a healthy life for yourself and your family? Starting a healthy life is within your reach and you can do it right now, just follow these 8 tips from the best experts and life coach. Because even if a healthy life, a new lifestyle, is won slowly and in the long run.

1. To start a healthy life, first, make the point of (your) situation

-make an appointment with the doctor.

Measure the circumference, height, weight and verify your body mass index (IBM): IBM is a standard, but it is also a litmus test of our state of health – if the parameters are too far out, it is clear that our health is at risk.

-Are you an active and dynamic type? Are you really sure? I, for example, felt good because, with aerobics twice a week, more sports than that … and instead, in a year I put on 6 kilos. And when I went to college and did 20 km walking a day, I was much slimmer – other than aerobics! In short, make a ruthless evaluation of your lifestyle and check if you do enough physical activity..

-Keep a food diary, not for dieting but just to write down what you eat (and how much you eat) throughout the day. You will immediately have an eloquent glimpse of your food style – starting from here, if needed you can understand how to improve. But you must be honest, if you want to be aware!

-How are you? Sincere question. Because a healthy life implies being comfortable with oneself and with others. Start asking yourself: do you sleep well and long enough? What mood do you have? How strong are your friendships? Do you feel loved? ” People have a fundamental need for positive and lasting relationships ,” explains Nathan DeWall , a professor of psychology at the University of Kentucky. Our well-being is based on the tranquility of the soul!

-Good. You have taken the first step towards a healthy life and now you have a fairly accurate picture of your psychophysical well-being. Next step?

2. Some very small renunciationhealthy life

This step is preliminary to a healthy life. Dedicated in particular to smokers and those suffering from chronic disorders.

-No more excuses: it’s time to

-stop smoking;

start taking care of yourself. Chronic disorders tend to get worse if you do not care. The quality of life can really be affected – as in the case of diabetes. It is useless to pretend nothing has happened: as the grandmothers say, ” all the knots come to the fore “. Continue reading-7 tips to lose weight fast: how to lose weight quickly

3. For a healthy life, move more

-“Shake your bon bon”, dance, stroll, do what best suits you – but for heaven’s sake, do physical activity ! A healthy life is an active and dynamic life, there is no history.

-Moreover, there are many good intentions and I do not know anyone who has not at least one annual gym membership never used. How to make physical activity a routine in our new healthy life?

-Enjoy yourself : you do not need to go to the gym or follow a few pilates-gag-etc courses. To feel good, for a healthy life, you can choose to do what you like – walking with friends, going to the mountains, dancing … as long as you like it. And how to make sure you do enough?

-Annotati in agendina with a big X every day you do physical activity. Make sure that the X are many, frequent, fairly close (at least twice a week) and beautiful BIG – better visual impact reminder: psychologically has a more … convincing effect on our laziness and also motivates a lot. Tried!

-Life coaches teach that the important thing is to trust oneself. Nietzche, however, says that if you do not do what you propose to do, the confidence in yourself is shattered. So, how can we not be discouraged when we miss one of the big X that we have marked in the diary?

-The secret is to give yourself weekly goals , not daily ones.

4. Sleep well – on the contrary, sleep betterhealthy life

-For a healthy life, having a good sleep is a priority. So, the sixth step if you want to start a healthy life today is to work on your sleep by following this checklist:

-No TV or PC in the two hours before going to sleep. Not so much because computers and television are stimulating – because of the light of the monitors. That continues to disturb our sleep even when they are turned off.

-Stretching before going to bed? Why not. But training hard and then hoping to fall asleep is a contradiction. Intense physical activity raises the temperature of our body, which makes it very difficult to fall asleep. No training before going to sleep.

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