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The 5 healthiest foods you’ve probably eaten the wrong way

The 5 healthiest foods you’ve probably eaten the wrong way. Even if you already consume a lot of fruit and vegetables and know. Which foods are most rich in nutrients and beneficial for your health, you are only halfway through the journey. The other half is to understand how to make the most of your knowledge. An article published online on CNN-Health lists the main errors that prevent us from extracting the most vitamins. And minerals from the foods we eat.

Flax seedhealthiest foods

The flax seeds contain within them many beneficial substances for our body. They are rich in fiber, healthy omega-3 for the heart and lignans, phytonutrients that protect against cancer. But … our body cannot digest whole flax seeds. So if you distribute a handful of yogurt in the morning or in your smoothie for a snack this gesture will not bring you many benefits. According to Katherine Zeratsky, a dietician at the Mayo Clinic. Most experts recommend eating flax seeds after crushing them in a coffee grinder or pestle so as not to lose the beneficial properties inside. It is one of the healthiest foods.

Tenderhealthiest foods

A survey showed that Americans today drink more black tea than ever: almost 20% more than they consumed in 2000. Before pouring another cup, take care not to add milk: several studies have shown that. While the addition of dairy products to black tea does not affect the antioxidants contained in the drink, instead of blocks the cardiovascular benefits that you could have obtained. In fact, milk proteins can bind with catechins in tea, making tea compounds more difficult to absorb. Continue reading-5 tips for eating a healthy diet in 2018

broccolihealthiest foods

Obviously eating only raw or steamed broccoli can become tiring. But if you want to get the best in terms of health from this cruciferous, resist the temptation to boil it or fry it. The broccoli is, in fact, rich in vitamin C, chlorophyll, antioxidants. And anticancer compound and a 2009 Chinese study found that to keep intact these health benefits, steaming is the best method that exists. If you have fried or boiled them they will have lost most of their nutrients. It is one of the healthiest foods.

strawberrieshealthiest foods

There is nothing tastier than biting the first juicy spring strawberries. Especially when you think of all the fibers, antioxidants and vitamin C that every red fruit contains. And here’s the trick: to get the full range of substances beneficial to health, you should avoid cutting them. Or at best, cut them at the last moment. Kristy Del Coro, a nutritionist of SPE Certified, explains that some nutrients – especially vitamin C – are sensitive to light and oxygen. When strawberries are cut, the nutrients are exposed to deterioration. Kristy Del Coro then adds: «Frozen products keep a lot of nutrients – explains -, and it is certainly better to consume frozen fruits and vegetables than off-season ones or who have traveled long or who have been harvested when they were still unripe».It is one of the healthiest foods.

Whole grains and beanshealthiest foods

Unrefined whole grains and dried beans contain antioxidant compounds called phytates. Which can bind to vitamins and minerals in food and prevent them from being absorbed by the body, explains Kristy Del Coro. SPE Certified nutritionist “Whole grains that still have the outer layer (bran) like spelled, freekeh, sorghum. And wheat grain should be soaked in water overnight to help them get rid of phytates.” “Paying attention, however – explains Del Coro – that this principle does not apply to semi-refined. And unshelled types of cereals such as pearl barley or instant oats”. In addition to helping you get the maximum amount of nutrients like iron and zinc. The process of maceration also means less work for your digestive system. It is one of the healthiest foods.

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