Ghostly Goings on in Your Home? Or do you Need Some Repairs?

Although many people will say that ghosts do not exist, the belief in the spirit world is still very much alive. Ghostly activity is something that many people go hunting for, and there are numerous clubs that will visit old places and locations which many have reported as haunted in order to try and find the spooky residents themselves.

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Many people do not have to go that far in order to experience paranormal activity. Reports of hauntings in the home are heard of all over the UK and there are certain things to look out for that might suggest the presence of a spirit in your house, as well as explanations for what else it might be before you jump to the conclusion that you have a haunted house…

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Areas that are cold – If there are parts of the room that are chilly in certain patches, this could be the sign of a ghost. However, check that you do not have a draught coming in from anywhere, such as a damaged window, or a letterbox for example, as these can direct into a certain area sometimes making it feel chiller.

Flickering Lights – This is a sign that is often associated with a haunting, and are commonly found in accounts of poltergeist activity. If this is something that you have noticed, it can be caused by the effect of bad weather on power lines, or it might also be worth contacting a professional like this electrical testing Cheltenham based company to make sure that you don’t have an electrical fault.

Pets Staring at Certain Spots – It can be unnerving when your cat or dog stares at a certain sport and seems to react to it by growling or hissing, especially if you can’t see anything. It is said that animals are able to see spirits, but they do also have better senses than us and may have noticed something like a tiny insect which we are not able to see.

Strange Smells – Another sign commonly associated with ghostly activity are strange smells that you can’t trace the origin of. It is worth checking if your window is open and you have a smell drifting in from outside, or if you have a smell of burning for example, checking that you don’t have a fire hazard in the home.

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