Why you Might Notice Smelly Drains This Summer

It is nice to spend time out in the garden on those hot summer days – but one problem that can crop up from time to time is a bad smell coming from the drains. Not only is this unpleasant when you want to spend time outdoors enjoying the sunshine, but it also could indicate other problems going on below the ground, which could worsen in the future.

Because it is hard to see what is actually going on inside a drain, it is best to get someone with the right knowledge and equipment to come and have a look for you if you have noticed a bad smell, such as this drain lining London based company www.drainpower.co.uk/drainage-services/drain-lining/drain-lining-london/

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It is better to have the drains checked sooner rather than later, as the problems could worsen, and of course you don’t want the high rainfall in winter to cause more problems for the drains. Drains which have bad smells coming from them usually indicate a blockage, which can be caused by putting the wrong things down the plughole, or even roots of trees getting into the drain – this is a common problem in the summer, as thirsty trees seek the nearest source of moisture underground that they can.

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Something else that is a problem with smelly drains, is the fact that they can often attract pests like flies and rats, which can bring their own problems. So, if you notice a bad smell coming from that drain, don’t hesitate to have it sorted.

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