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5 tips to get well prepared before exercising

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If we all have our own rituals before our workouts, there are some things we should avoid doing before exercising if we want them to be effective. We share some tips to get well prepared before exercising.

Do you really know what you need to do before a workout to get the best possible benefits for your body?

You may think, at first glance, that some of the tips we are going to give you are not good, that if you implement them before practicing physical exercise, you will get tired faster and fail to reach your goals.

But before going to the gym or training at home, take these precautions to avoid hurting yourself and getting the most out of your potential.

Here is a list of 5 things you should do or do not do before you start playing sports.

1.Sleep before exercisingwell prepared

It is normal that you want to be well rested before you start a physical activity. However, if you sleep excessively before a training phase, you will hinder your physical development.

While sleeping more than 30 minutes before an effort, your body will go into a deep sleep, as it does when you go to bed at night. It is one of the tips for well prepared before exercising.

A nap that lasts more than 30 minutes will stun you and make you tired more than you think.

If you consider that you need to take a nap before playing sports, put an alarm clock to not exceed 15 to 20 minutes of rest. You will have time to close your eyes and rest your body, without ankylosing your mind and make it look like it’s time to sleep.

2.Stretcheswell prepared

When you were still in school, we are sure that your sports teachers told you that you had to stretch your muscles before doing any activity that required physical effort.

However, experts are now telling us that stretching before playing a sport actually does more harm than good.

Static stretching before exercise decreases muscle strength but also increases the risk of forcing muscles much more than necessary. It is one of the tips for well prepared before exercising.

This increases the risk of tears and injuries.

Instead of using static stretching methods before a workout, warm up your muscles by moving them in another way.

You can run, do small jumps or use a bike to get your muscles warm up gradually.

Reserve static stretching for the routine you will perform after your workout.

3.Fractional workoutswell prepared

These workouts alternate high-intensity efforts with breaks lasting several seconds. They interrupt the body’s natural breathing by demanding drops and rises of power.

But that’s not all. They also diminish our strength and strength very quickly, which is not our goal when we play sports. This generalized weakness can be prolonged after training.

You must always start your sports session with cardiovascular exercises. You do not need to run a sprint immediately, then rest and start again.

Instead of doing high-intensity workouts, do more stationary cardiovascular exercises, which do not vary the amount of energy you need. It is one of the tips for well prepared before exercising.

4.Overeating or overeatingwell prepared

After eating, your body immediately initiates the process of digestion. What we do not always take into account is the amount of energy that it needs to set up this process.

If we look at this aspect, we can quite validate the theory that we do not have to go swimming right after we eat.

If you try to exercise during this process of digestion, you will put too much pressure on your body. This can cause stomach cramps and nausea.

In addition, if you consume high sugar beverages, you will push your body beyond its limits in a very short time. He will soon find himself unable to complete the training session you are trying to impose on him.

Try to maintain a healthy diet, especially before exercise, so that your body has enough energy to achieve what you require of him.

Eat the right foods, such as fruits, cereals, and yogurt, and avoid sweets at all costs.

Keep in mind that most energy drinks contain a large amount of sugar. You need to pay attention to the labels of the products you buy to know if your favorite energy drink helps you, or if it is a weight for your body. Keep Reading- 5 tips for eating a healthy diet in 2018

5.Consume supplementswell prepared

If you get used to eating well before exercising, you will get all the vitamins and minerals you need, without having to consume supplements.

However, if you decide to take anyway, do not overdo it. Taking too many “products” can lead to cardiac arrhythmias, nausea, and anxiety.

Over the long term, the disadvantages of these substances are far more important than their benefits, even though they can give you a boost before starting a workout.

If you decide to consume supplements, pay attention to their labels. You must know exactly what you are going to eat before introducing them into your body. It is one of the tips for well prepared before exercising.

Knowing how they will affect your body and knowing the contraindications they are subject to, as well as their potential side effects, will help you make the right decision.

You can consume it in moderation to improve your physical resistance, but do not overuse it or put your health at risk.

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