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Tips for healthy eating

To lead a healthy life and a healthy diet is very important. The basis is usually to include few fats and increase the consumption of fruits, vegetables, and fiber, in addition to leading a physically active life, we can perform light sports such as walking with New Balance sneakers, swimming or even mountaineering. But, apart from all this, we must also take into account the habits and the way in which they eat food, there are unhealthy habits that conspire against the success of a healthy eating, such as eating fast, chewing little. In addition, there are some foods such as alcoholic beverages that are best dispensed with.

There are many tips and habits to lead a healthy life, here we propose 10:

Tips for healthy eating

1. Eat slowly and take your timehealthy eating

Surely many times you have heard “eat and chew each bite 20 times” because this saying is right. When eating, gastric distension is one of the first signs of satiety. It is transmitted by the vegetative nervous system to the hypothalamus, the regulatory center that is in the brain, so if we eat fast we do not give the stomach time to send the signal.

2. Do not eat “automatically”healthy eating

Eating while watching TV or in front of the computer is not advisable since we do not have a behavior of order and enjoyment. In this way, you eat sometimes without appetite and some of the consequences are the intake of food of poor nutritional quality, little variety, and the risk of overeating.

3. Chew the foodhealthy eating

The food must be crushed to the stomach in order to properly perform the emulsion process that corresponds to the stomach and absorption in the intestine, to make a good digestion. It is one of the best for healthy eating.

4. Drink waterhealthy eating

Liquid should be ingested throughout the day, water is necessary as a diluent and as a vehicle to eliminate toxins from our body. Although while eating, it is not advisable to ingest large amounts of water as it dilutes the gastric juice. Drink water is one of the best tips for healthy eating.

5. Do not bring fonts to the tablehealthy eating

Sometimes we eat with our eyes, that is, when we see several dishes on the table, we eat more quickly and with more anxiety and also abuse the food. Leave the pots or dishes away from the table and serve yourself a plate with the right amount. It is one of the best for healthy eating.

6. Save tempting foods in plain sighthealthy eating

Having tempting foods such as chocolate is a danger. Store these foods in places that are not in sight

7. Do not skip any foodhealthy eating

Having order in food is very important, there are people who skip breakfast, for lack of time or custom when it is precisely this that will provide the body with enough energy to work and study the rest of the day, and for the otherwise dinner should be light to

rest well, since the body at rest burns few calories, which helps to gain weight.

8. Do not eat when you are not hungry or when it is not time to do it

This is one of the most harmful eating habits for health, especially if instead of choosing a fruit, cookies or fritangas are consumed that take away hunger and do not nourish.

9. Do not abuse the so-called Light products

It is important not to confuse the properties of Light products and assume that they do not gain weight because even though they may contain fewer calories than other products, their disproportionate consumption can cause them to gain weight.

10. Do not consume alcoholic beverageshealthy eating

Alcoholic beverages contribute a significant amount of calories to our intake, just to mention a few examples a glass of brandy provides 215 calories, a 90 beer and a half glass of red wine 80 calories, or what is the same as the equivalent of eating a steak. It is one of the best for healthy eating.

Today, there are beauty and health magazines that contain many tips of this type to lead a healthy life. It is very important to follow these tips because, in the long run, you will gain in health.

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