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7 must see places for your study tour

7 must-see places for your study tour. The study tour is one of the most anticipated moments for all students who attend high school. Travel with your companions, live the experience of exploring new places in the company of those unbreakable friendships in the school, spend unique. And unrepeatable moments, make this trip is extremely significant, so choose the destination. It is not always so simple since must meet certain requirements. So that this adventure is simply unforgettable.

1.Valdiviastudy tour

In any study tour, Valdivia will always be among the favorite alternatives. It’s extraordinary landscapes. And beautiful natural surroundings make this city one of the most beautiful in the country. But Valdivia is not only characterized by its natural beauty. But also for being an entertaining city, with a hectic nightlife and with countless panoramas for students to enjoy. During the day, for example, they can visit the most touristic places in the city, such as the Calle-Calle riverbank, walking along the waterfront. Or visit historic sites such as the Torreón Los Canelos and the Torreon del Barro. Also in the itinerary can include a visit to the historical. And Anthropological Museum Maurice van de Maele in the Teja Island or move to the coastal sector of Niebla. So know the beaches of this area or stop at the Costumbrista Fair. And enjoy the typical southern gastronomy.

2. San Pedro de Atacamastudy tour

The north is also an unmissable destination for your study tour. And here without a doubt highlights San Pedro de Atacama, a mysterious place, full of stories and surprises, which is worth knowing. Among the must-see sectors of this place, is the famous Valley of the Moon, a desert and silent sanctuary of the nature of deep and extensive dunes. Also, you can also visit the Salar de Atacama, the extraordinary lagoons of Ojos del Salar and, of course, one of the main tourist scenarios of the region: the Tatio Geysers. The value of the entrance to the geothermal park Geiser del Tatio is 2 thousand pesosfor the students. Continue reading-5 Top destinations with children

3. Bariloche

On the other side of the mountain range, in the south of Argentina, without a doubt, the city of Bariloche is an excellent destination for your study tour, since you will find everything you need to make this trip unforgettable. Among its main attractions, is Nahuel Huapi Lake, where you can perform various water sports, recreational activities and walks. On the other hand, you also have Cerro Catedral, one of the largest ski and snowboard centers in the southern cone. In the urban area, you have to visit the Civic Center, a beautiful set of old buildings. Also, in Bariloche, you can visit the chocolate shops Del Turista, Rapa Nui and Mamuschka, who will offer you a wide variety of products to take as a gift to your family and friends.

4. Puerto Varasstudy tour

In Lake Llanquihue, 20 kilometers from Puerto Montt, is located Puerto Varas, one of the most attractive destinations for your study tour. In this city, with your companions, you can start by visiting the beautiful Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Or walk along the coast that borders Lake Llanquihue, from where you can contemplate the beautiful volcanoes Osorno and Calbuco. Also, in the surroundings, you have to visit the Saltos del Petrohue, in the Vicente Perez Rosales National Park. As for the nightlife of Puerto Varas, here you will have entertaining pubs and discos. There is the Kalimba, Scrum, Apache, and Maddox, in addition to the casino of games in the Dreams Los Volcanes Hotel among the most outstanding.

5. Iquiquestudy tour

Iquique is another very common destination in the study tours since it has everything you need to enjoy this trip with your classmates: beautiful natural environments, historical places to visit and very good “reel”. Among the most significant places in this area. We can highlight the saltpeter offices of Humberstone and Santa Laura, 47 kilometers east of Iquique. Both salitreras are national monuments. And a Unesco World Heritage Site, so your teachers or guides will want to take you to explore these places full of history. Also, another must-see stop in this culture bath will be the Corvette Esmeralda Museum, where you can recreate the past, know aspects and customs of past times and of course go inside the replica of the ship Esmeralda.

6. Region of Coquimbostudy tour

The IV Region is also another destination frequented by student delegations on their study tours. Here, for example, you can visit the majestic Elqui Valley, contemplate the penguins of Isla Damas, visit the Punta de Choros cove, the Totoralillo spa. And the observatories of Cerro Tololo and La Silla. Also, they will have beautiful cities such as La Serena and Coquimbo, where they will have countless panoramas. And activities to enjoy. In La Serena, you have to walk along the beautiful Avenida del Mar. And of course, stop to take a photo in the monumentEl Faro.

7. Puconstudy tour

Pucon is a city that presents a perfect combination of pure nature and good “reel”. A good start to travel this place with your companions on your tour, is to start by the eyes of the Caburgua , a few pools of turquoise water of great beauty, also you can visit the Villarrica National Park , the Geometric Baths, the National Park Huerquehue , the El Cani Sanctuary , the Villarrica Volcano , the Turbio River waterfalls , the Trancura River and Los Pozones hot springs, among many other scenarios where you can be in direct contact with nature. In addition, you can perform entertaining extreme sports, such as rafting, canopy, trekking, paragliding, etc. , do you have.

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